Gold Key to the City

by The Sharrows

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released April 5, 2016

Gold Key to the City
The Sharrows
1. Sunshine
2. 1964
3. People in Their Prime
4. I.B.R.
5. Wyoming
6. Cataclysmic
7. Gold Key
8. New House
9. Lilies
10. Anymore

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Kevin Houston at Zebra Ranch in Coldwater, Mississippi
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters in Memphis Tennessee
Album Artwork by Sylvia Janicki and Rory Agnew with inside Photographs contributed by the talented Zeb Hermanson from the Backcountry Zen Collection.
Printing by Sooper Dooper in Madison, Wisconsin

Philip Sharrow – Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Joe Hermanson – Keyboard, Piano, Organ, Vocals
Jacob Bicknase – Drums, Harmony Vocals, Piano
Matt Smith- Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Alice Bradley – Harmony Vocals
Tim McIlree – Fiddle
Bill Grasley – Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Steve Selvidge- Electric Guitar "Anymore"

Thank You to Steve Selvidge for the Electric Guitar collaboration on “Anymore”, Frederic J. Lueders for the original contribution of “Cataclysmic”, Tom Skora for “Gold Key to the City”, Maddy Wyatt for collaboration on “People in their Prime”, and Alice, Tim, and Bill for making the trip. Special thanks to Mary Lindsay Dickinson at Zebra Ranch, Mimi and David Bicknase for preparation assistance, and all our friends and family who continue to support and share the experience of music with us. Enjoy.

Copyright The Sharrows Music 2016



all rights reserved


The Sharrows Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Sunshine
Salt flat gold run
In a slow truck until tomorrow
I won’t stop until the lights disguise
Four in the morning California sunshine
To think to not let anything take your smiles away
I’ve got a rose
With a hole through it
I’ve got soul
Rock solid in the hillside
Crosses to mark those who have died
Drawing a breath of old time memory
That’s as close as we’ll be
High and soaring
California sunshine
Hold me the whole time
Four in the morning
California sunshine
Track Name: 1964
The crash was in the winter
Colder than before
Buffalo sank deeper
A man on all fours
Born in 1964
Plane it hit the kitchen
While they were up in bed
They say it just missed them
By less than eighteen inches
Born in 1964
The pilot well he went down
Shattered to his core
Fault lies in the hands of those who let her soar
Born in 1964
Track Name: People in Their Prime
People in their prime
Blowing every line
Partner up for crime
Fun dark time

Brother I lost it again
Got myself behind a foreign wheel
You can make it alright
That doesn’t make it right or change the way I feel

Sister tell me what am I to do?
Get me underground
Hide me away
Im so tired
The sun goes up and down
We will live beyond the light of day

So take your chances
Your chances on a whim
You can make it ok
To change the way you feel
Change the way you feel
Track Name: Wyoming
Stories and old glories
Keep them sane through the past pain
They revel in the fame of their memories
They just keep moving on
The highways and byways
Crack past the day
Like living under a throne
Is it right or is it wrong?
I just keep moving on
Will I shine when I fold
There still so much to be told
Looking back the way we came
Seems so long ago
Wyoming tell me your story
Tell me your story
Track Name: Cataclysmic
A letter I found down by the river
Said dear love and people
The yearning I feel isn’t enough
The wind of the world is whipping
Im settling down and your packing up
Oceans destroy the shore
Because our love is no more

Found somewhere to watch the storm
I wonder how come you ran me out
Stars fall from the sky
Parting from the night like all things that might
We try but don’t decide where things lie
We lay where we’ve landed
I’ve seen you and you’ve seen me before
Save the world
Our love is no more

Are you the only thing that I need
What is coming my way
Lightning is right behind
Winds level the hills
Still we stand on them today
Like death live like love
Like a goodbye you didn’t know how to say
Somehow it just waves you away
Save the world our love is no more
Track Name: Gold Key
I had a friend who looked pretty good sitting there behind the plate glass
I told him I would do what I can but second chances don’t come easy for a man
Listening to the band was never enough you had to stand on your hands and dance all around
Peak up the skirts at the tables at the side and wave your fists like you were in a fight
The night was not complete until you got someone to leave
And you got all the drunks to laugh at you and you laughed at them too
And you smiled at the end of the night like all along you knew
Just one more try
That’s all you need
One more smoke and a got with us
And we would have to set you up
With a gold key to the city
You used to take your shots of the belly of a model
You licked your lips and you licked hers too
Until you took a shot in the ribs from an unloaded pistol
That belonged to this boyfriend that she knew
You pulled out your own and shot him dead
As lay curled up in a pool of blood
We all B-lined straight for the door so you helped yourself to a shot and you had one more
Then the good cops showed up in a car so shiny and they busted you on the barstool
And you got pissy when you realized that your going to jail for the rest of your life
I had a friend who looked pretty good
Sitting with his legs crossed on the dancefloor
Blowing smoke rings as fast as he can
And getting F***** up and yelling at the band
Just one more try
That’s all you need
One more smoke and a got with us
And we would have to set you up
With a gold key to the city
Track Name: New House
Bought and sold now we are just meeting
All in a new house with no lock on the door and four cars in the yard
A pile of fire and the shapes that are lying in it
I’m in a new house with nothing in it
Nothing is forever so that fire burns in the yard
I should have known by now
The things that are not finished
They don’t go away
Out in the yard calling how many minutes
Did you go out of your way?
You know it’s for better that you didn’t stay
Right behind us now
It’s all behind us now
The things I’ll remember about those days
Was the way
All in a new house holding steady
In good company we say
A toast to room full of good spirit
Helps to weave the strongest frame
Track Name: Lilies
Plants too must eat
Look before you cross the street
Track Name: Anymore
People point a finger
Follow it clear
Certain shit that just ain't getting done out here
I looked through the water
Looking for a glow
There was nothing anymore
If I placed a wager on your very soul
It would be sure be less than oh so long ago
If I catch a glimpse of your reflection
Ill be sure to pass it on to you
The things that need a fixing
Get a correction
Ill be sure what we got it accounted for
Ill be sure to meet you on the shore